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Place of Origin : USA


Model Number : 1785-KA3

MOQ : 1


Packaging Details : NEW

Delivery Time : 3-5DAYS

Payment Terms : T/T,paypal

Supply Ability : 60

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{One Year Warranty}yesyesyes

Contact:Jessica Q Q:2851195444



TEL:86-592-5856209 86-18030235311

FAX: 86-592-5165561(Please make out jessica receive)

Allen-Bradley products from Rockwell Automation include integrated control and information platforms, intelligent motor control and industrial components.

MOORE (HK) AUTOMATION LIMITED is a leading global supplier of control system components. We specialize in control systems and drives.
With many years of experience in the industrial sector, we consistently deliver the highest quality of spare parts.
We have tens of thousands of spare parts and spare parts warehouse . Products and services to serve for installing of users control system,
Distributed control systems, programmable controllers, panel controller and drive!
* Our mission is to help you!
* Reduced maintenance costs!
We have a large inventory of control system components. We also made a lot of new hardware and discontinued spare parts to help supporting your existing control systems.
We have experienced staff, extensive testing , all the spare parts which we sold are with warranty period of one year, and they have undergone rigorous testing and certification!
You might find you need spare parts in our data, we welcome you give valuable suggestions to us with our products at any time, .
1785-BCM 1785-BEM 1785-CHBM 1785-ENET
1785-KE 1785-L11B 1785-L20B 1785-L20C15
1785-L20E 1785-L26B 1785-L30B 1785-L40B
1785-L40C 1785-L40C15 1785-L40E 1785-L40L
1785-L46B 1785-L46C15 1785-L60B 1785-L60L
1785-L80B 1785-L80C 1785-L80C15 1785-L80E
1785-L86B 1785-M100 1785-ME16 1785-ME32
1785-ME64 1785-RC
1771-A3B 1771-A3B1 1771-A4B 1771-ACN
1771-ACN15 1771-ACNR 1771-ACNR15 1771-AF
1771-AF1 1771-ALX 1771-AM1 1771-AM2
1771-ASB 1771-ASBK 1771-CFM 1771-CFMK
1771-CX10 1771-CX15 1771-CX20 1771-CX25
1771-CX30 1771-DL 1771-DR 1771-DS
1771-DW 1771-IA 1771-IA2 1771-ID16K
1771-IFE 1771-IFEK 1771-IFF 1771-IFMS
1771-IG 1771-IH 1771-IJ 1771-IL
1771-ILK 1771-IM 1771-IN 1771-IND
1771-IQ 1771-IQ16 1771-IQ16K 1771-IR
1771-IRK 1771-IS 1771-IT 1771-IV
1771-IVN 1771-IXE 1771-IXEK 1771-IXHR
1771-M1 1771-M3 1771-NB4S 1771-NB4T
1771-NBRC 1771-NBSC 1771-NBTC 1771-NBV1
1771-NBVC 1771-NIS 1771-NIV 1771-NIV1
1771-NIVR 1771-NIV 1771-NOC 1771-NOV
1771-NR 1771-NT1 1771-NT2 1771-OA
1771-OAD 1771-OADK 1771-OAN 1771-OBN
1771-OC 1771-OD 1771-OD16 1771-OD16K
1771-ODD 1771-ODZ 1771-OFE1 1771-OFE1K
1771-OFE2 1771-OFE2K 1771-OFE3 1771-OG
1771-OJ 1771-OM 1771-OP 1771-OQ
1771-OQ16 1771-OVN 1771-OW 1771-OW16
1771-OW16K 1771-OWN 1771-P4RK 1771-P4S
1771-P4S1 1771-P4SK 1771-P5 1771-P5E
1771-QA 1771-QB 1771-QDC 1771-QH
1771-QI 1771-SDN 1771-SIM 1771-TCM
1771-TCMR 1771-VHSC 1771-VHSCK
A-B 1747-ACN15 A-B 1747-ACNR15 A-B 1747-AIC A-B 1747-ASB
A-B 1747-BA A-B 1747-BSN A-B 1747-C10 A-B 1747-C11
A-B 1747-C13 A-B 1747-C20 A-B 1747-CHORAD A-B 1747-CHORAD1
A-B 1747-CHORADC1B A-B 1747-CP3 A-B 1747-DCM A-B 1747-DTAM-E
A-B 1747-KE A-B 1747-KFC15 A-B 1747-L20A A-B 1747-L20B
A-B 1747-L20C A-B 1747-L20D A-B 1747-L20E A-B 1747-L20F
A-B 1747-L20G A-B 1747-L20L A-B 1747-L20R A-B 1747-L20P
A-B 1747-L20R A-B 1747-L30A A-B 1747-L30B A-B 1747-L40A
A-B 1747-L40B A-B 1747-L40C A-B 1747-L40E A-B 1747-L40F
A-B 1747-L40L A-B 1747-L40P A-B 1747-L511 SLC 5/01
A-B 1747-L514 SLC 5/01 A-B 1747-L524 SLC 5/02
A-B 1747-L531 SLC 5/03 A-B 1747-L532 SLC 5/03
A-B 1747-L541 A-B 1747-L542 A-B 1747-L542P A-B 1747-L543
A-B 1747-L551 A-B 1747-L552 A-B 1747-L553 A-B 1747-M1
A-B 1747-M11 A-B 1747-M12 A-B 1747-M15 A-B 1747-M2
A-B 1747-M3 A-B 1747-M4 A-B 1747-M5 A-B 1747-NP1
A-B 1747-NP2 A-B 1747-OCAPINT A-B 1747-OCDPDE A-B 1747-OCDPES
A-B 1747-OCDPFR A-B 1747-OCDPIT A-B 1747-OCDR16 A-B 1747-OCDR32
A-B 1747-OCDR4 A-B 1747-OCENET A-B 1747-OCF 266 A-B 1747-OCFAN1
A-B 1747-OCIDE1 A-B 1747-OCIDE25 A-B 1747-OCKTX A-B 1747-OCKTXD
A-B 1747-OCP252 A-B 1747-OCPCI2 A-B 1747-OCPCI3 A-B 1747-OCPCI4
A-B 1747-OCPCI5 A-B 1747-OCPCI6 A-B 1747-OCPCM1 A-B 1747-OCPCM2
A-B 1747-OCS92 A-B 1747-OCSBC A-B 1747-OCSDCK A-B 1747-OCTS
A-B 1747-OCUS A-B 1747-OCVGA1 A-B 1747-OCVGAE A-B 1747-PCIAA
A-B 1747-PCIAB A-B 1747-PCIBA A-B 1747-PCIBB A-B 1747-PCIC
A-B 1747-PCIC2 A-B 1747-PCIL A-B 1747-PCINT A-B 1747-PCIS
A-B 1747-PCIS2 A-B 1747-PIC A-B 1747-PLXCLNTCBS A-B 1747-PSD
A-B 1747-PT1 A-B 1747-PT1CC A-B 1747-PTA1E A-B 1747-PTA1F
A-B 1747-PTA1G A-B 1747-PTA1I A-B 1747-R21 A-B 1747-R21F
A-B 1747-R5 A-B 1747-R7 A-B 1747-RL302 A-B 1747-RL401
A-B 1747-SCNR A-B 1747-SDN A-B 1747-SN
A-B 1756
1756-L56 1756-L57 1756-L58 1756-L59
1756-L60 1756-L61 1756-L62 1756-L63
1756-L64 1756-L65 1756-L66 1756-L62S
1756-L63 1756-L64 1756-L65 1756-LSP
AB 1785-V40L
AB 1785-CHBM
AB 1785-ENET
AB 1785-KE
AB 1785-L11B
AB 1785-L20B
AB 1785-L20C15
AB 1785-L20E
AB 1785-L26B
AB 1785-L30B
AB 1785-L40B
AB 1785-L40C
AB 1785-L40C15
AB 1785-L40E
AB 1785-L40L
AB 1785-L46C15
AB 1785-L60B
AB 1785-L60L
AB 1785-L80B
AB 1785-L80C
AB 1785-L80C15
AB 1785-L80E
AB 1785-L86B
AB 1785-M100
AB 1785-ME16
AB 1785-ME32
AB 1785-ME64
AB 1794-TB3
AB 1756-BA1
AB 1756-N2
AB 1203-CN1
AB 1756-IB16I
AB 1746-OW16
AB 1756-CNB
AB 1794-IB16
AB 1756-DNB
AB 1756L55M14
AB 1756-BA2
AB 1756-IF16
AB 1747-ASB
AB 1771-OBN
AB 1485G-P1M5-C
AB 1485PS-P1N5-MN5L1
AB 1756-A10
AB 1785-L40B
AB 871A-TS5-N3
AB 871A-TS5-NM3
AB 1746-NI8
AB 1746-P4
AB 1756-IB32
AB 1756-IM16I
AB 1756-OB32
AB 1756-A17
AB 1756-OF8
AB 1756-OW16I
AB 1794-OB16
AB 1747-L542
AB 1756-A7
AB 1756-CNBR
AB 1756-OF4
AB 1785-L30B
AB 1786-TPS
AB 1746-IM16
AB 1746-OB16
AB 1747-L514
AB 1756-ENBT
AB 1756L55M12
AB 1756-PA72
AB 1756-PA75
AB 1771-VHSC
AB 1746-A10
AB 1746-NO4I
AB 1746-NO4V
AB 1747-L524
AB 1747-L541
AB 1756-IT6I
AB 1756-L61
AB 1769-BA
AB 1769-IR6
AB 1771-IVN
AB 1771-OFE1
AB 1785-ENET
AB 5370-CVIM
AB 1746-A7
AB 1746-HSRV
AB 1746-IA16
AB 1746-OB16E
AB 1756-IR6I
AB 1756L55M13
AB 1756L55M23
AB 1756L55M24
AB 1756-L62
AB 1756-L63
AB 1756M13
AB 1756-M14
AB 1771-OZ
AB 1784-CF64
AB 1784-KTX
AB 1784-PKTX
AB 1785-L20B
AB 1785-L60B
AB 1794-ACNR15
AB 1794-IR8
AB 1746-IB16
AB 1746-IB32
AB 1746-NI4
AB 1746-NIO4V
AB 1746-NT8
AB 1746-OB32
AB 1746-OW16
AB 1746-OX8
AB 1746-P2
AB 1756-A13
AB 1756-HSC
AB 1756-IA16I
AB 1756-IF8
AB 1756-OB16D
AB 1756-OB16I
AB 1756-OB8
AB 1768-ENBT
AB 1771-ASB
AB 1771-IBN
AB 1771-IFE
AB 1771-NC6
AB 1772-LG
AB 1783-MS06T
AB 1785-L80C15
AB 1785-LT
AB 1786-TPR
AB 1786-XT
AB 1794-IF4I
AB 2711-B5A8
AB 2711-B6C1
AB 2711-K5A5
AB 2711-T5A1L1
AB 2801-N22
AB 1201-HASI
AB 1336-B025-AA-EN-GM1
AB 1336-BDB-SP390
AB 1336F-B030-AN-EN
AB 1336F-BRF30-AA-EN
AB 1336-MOD-L2
AB 1336-PB-SP2B
AB 1391-DES45-DI-AQB
AB 1394-AM03
AB 1394-AM04
AB 1394-SJT05-C-RL
AB 1394-SJT10-C-RL
AB 1398-DDM-030
AB 1492-IFM40D24
AB 1494V-FS400
AB 1494V-H2
AB 1606-XL240DRT
AB 1734-232ASC
AB 1738-EP24DC
AB 1746-HSCE
AB 1746-IB8
AB 1746-NI16I
AB 1746-OA16
AB 1746-OA8
AB 1746-P1
AB 1747-FC
AB 1747-L511
AB 1747-L532
AB 1747-L541
AB 1747-L543
AB 1747-L552
AB 1747-L552
AB 1747-SDN
AB 1756-BATM
AB 1756-CN2
AB 1756-CN2R
AB 1756-CN2R
AB 1756-ENET
AB 1756-IB16
AB 1756-L55

Our company has many products in stock,which are immediately available.The warranty is 1 years which apply to all the products.If you purchase one more parts from us,we can make a discount to you.

If you have any question pls do not hesitate to contact us.We can supply all kind of the automaiton parts,if you want to purchase parts pls send the parts model to me, I will prompt reply you asa I receive the mail.

Hope anyone enquire from us.

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